Empowering Pacific Nations with Renewable Energy

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Mana Pacific is uniquely positioned to work with Pacific nations for these reasons:
  • Our team has personal relationships with island nation leaders
  • We will tackle small-scale grids and projects that other companies pass by 
  • We are designed to benefit the local population, not large corporations

who we are

We are Mana Pacific, a benefit corporation that empowers Pacific nations and people through renewable, sustainable energy. 
"Mana" comes from the Hawaiian concept of "Ahupua'a." It's the life force that flows through all living things, and it's what inspires us to bring renewable energy to island nations in the Pacific. 


We collaborate with leaders of island nations to:
  • Bring renewable, sustainable, empowering energy solutions to communities throughout the Pacific
  • Reduce Pacific island nations' 90% dependence on fossil fuels
  • Promote growth and inspire community transformation led by local leaders


Currently, there's a potential to build over 2,000 unique grids. Since over 70% of the population does not have electricity, and at least 50% lack adequate water, these projects can change lives and create opportunities for local people to thrive.


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