Our Mission

The corporation’s purpose is to address global resource scarcity and climate risk in the Pacific by employing transformational, disruptive, and regenerative business models and solutions to create opportunities for change and success within every point on the economic spectrum.  This will be achieved by addressing the following General Public Benefit:

Clean Energy — Assist island nations, states, territories, and their respective utilities, residents, and inhabitants to reduce their overall dependency on fossil fuels by replacing them with climate-conscious alternatives.


More on our commitment to the environment, to the economy, and to our communities can be found in our Articles of Organization, our Corporate By-Laws, and our various published and available company policies. *links will be activated soon as they are finalized and approved by our Esteemed Board of Directors. 

Secondary mission objectives

Our benefit corporation is structured to be as efficient and competitive as its profit-driven competitors, but we are beholden to more than just our shareholders. We find a essential balance between its responsibilities to the People (our customers and employees), the Planet, and Prosperity (our shareholders).


The ability of the corporation to accomplish its general public benefit purpose is our primary mission, but when and wherever possible, the specific public benefits described below are embedded into each and every policy, project, and mission we undertake. Mana Pacific is dedicated to always seeking to address the specific public benefits chartered by our by-laws:

  1. Providing low-income or underserved individuals and communities with beneficial products or services;

  2. Promoting economic opportunity for individuals and communities beyond the creation of jobs in the normal course of doing business;

  3. Preserving the environment;

  4. Promoting the arts, sciences, indigenous cultures, and advancement of knowledge; and

  5. Increasing the flow of capital to entities with a public benefit purpose.

Energy Roadmap

The Pacific islands have been endowed with a rich variety of renew­able energy resources that provide their communities the capability to return to their ancestral roots and harness the power of nature to once again achieve prosperity and energy independence to live in harmony with their environment. Not only will these endeavors help these Pacific Island nations and territories reach economic prosperity for their communities and future generations, but they can become a ‘blueprint’ for the rest   of   the   world   to  understand

how to adopt the viable and reliable renewable energy technologies of today to create thousands of new jobs while generating significant energy savings. The Pacific Islands don’t strive to lead the world in a commitment to 100% renewable energy generation merely because it’s ‘environmentally savvy’, but because it is the most logical, considerate, and wise business and political decision for nearly every community across the World.


Replacing fossil fuel generation with financially savvier and reliable climate-conscious alternatives is always a wise decision, but the implementation of such aggressive utility grid penetration levels doesn’t come without its fair share of obstacles. From grid stability issues, financial risk markets, site selection, and cultural awareness, to the selection of bankable proven technologies, complex logistics; the list of hurdles goes on. Because of these significant challenges, we have tapped our team’s vast collective experience in developing some of the world’s most sophisticated microgrids, as well as previous experience pioneering new markets, to establish some of the most significant renewable energy pipelines towards developing an Energy Roadmap specific to each Island Territory and their specific challenges and opportunities. This not only ensures success for the Pacific Islands but helps to establish a benchmark and replicable Roadmap for others to follow.


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful

committed citizens can change the World.


Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

                                                                                         ~Margaret Mead   




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