Our Single Mission:

Empower the Pacific

accelerating the adoption of renewable energy in the pacific Islands

Deploying Renewable & Resilient Microgrids

We bring extensive experience building in some of the most remote/challenging locations using best-in-class technology and services that are appropriate and sustainable for these demanding environments.

Developing with a Community-First Approach

We allow local asset ownership and training of local labor to build the local economy in a regenerative process. We “look local first.” From ownership and financing options to capacity building and workforce development programs, our regenerative business model builds the local economy and benefits the communities in which we operate. We shorten the development time by focusing on early-stage collaboration with a unique and proven approach to stakeholder engagement. 

De-risking Projects at Origination

We de-risk the traditional development cycle with a non-traditional market approach, streamlined process with agreed-upon metrics, and project qualifications that meet the stringent needs of financiers but are flexible enough for island communities. 

About Mana Pacific Inc.

Mana Pacific is a social impact company that develops, finances, and de-risks scalable island resiliency projects in Hawaii and the 22 Pacific Island Countries and Territories (PICTs). 

We deliver resilient renewable energy projects that reduce dependence on imported fossil fuels and lessen the impact on the environment while improving the equitable access of sustainable, affordable energy.

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