About Mana Pacific

Mana throughout the Pacific is the life force within all living things and is grounded in the Hawaiian tradition of ahupua’a or “collective and equitable prosperity.”

Our team is guided by achieving this principle through our renewable development work in the Pacific.

Mana Pacific is a Social Impact Company

Mana Pacific is a Hawaiian sustainable business corporation and social impact company that develops and aggregates renewable energy projects across Hawaii and the 22 Pacific Island Territories and Countries.

As a social impact company, we prioritize doing work that consciously solves local communities’ needs. This includes prioritizing community-led development models and ownership structures as well as supporting workforce development initiatives. Ultimately, our mission is to accelerate the renewable energy transition in the Pacific.

Our Purpose is

Making Aloha Visible

Aloha is more than a word of greeting or farewell. Aloha shows mutual regard and extends warmth with no obligation or expectation in return. Aloha is the essence of relationships in which every living thing and person is important to each other for our shared existence. 

Our purpose is to make Aloha visible. We aim to empower Pacific Island grids with clean, affordable, and resilient energy solutions and help them achieve energy independence.

As a Benefit Corporation, we measure our performance by:

The Native Hawaiian concept of ahupua’a encourages a sense of belonging and focuses on sustainability in people, places, and prosperous economies.