Our Mission & Vision

All island nations are positioned to grow and thrive sustainably. We are a community-centric developer that aims to accelerate the pace and implementation of clean energy and island resiliency projects. 

Our mission is to accelerate the renewable energy transition in the Pacific

Mana Pacific takes a transpacific approach to meeting or exceeding all Pacific island nations’ renewable energy, sustainability, and resiliency objectives as well as their Sustainable Development Goals.

Our accelerated development model is achieved by aggregating renewable energy projects across multiple Pacific Island Countries and Territories into investable portfolios, which decreases risk, unlocks greater capital access, and achieves economies of scale. 

This approach is certified by the Global Solar Impulse Foundation as a scalable, efficient, and profitable solution to significantly impact the environment.

We utilize

early-stage collaboration.

Our unique approach focuses on consolidating territories to subsidize higher risk markets and provide opportunities for economies of scale. By focusing on collaboration to shorten development time and taking a non-traditional market approach, we ensure the community is supported from the start. This results in local asset ownership and construction labor that builds stronger local economies. 

We support local economies by:

As a benefit corporation, we have the common good built into our organizational DNA.