MK Merrigan

MK has deployed microgrid and operational energy systems in some of the most remote regions in the world. For the past decade, MK has been mentored by some of Polynesia’s finest, including Pono Shim, who transformed the Oahu Economic Development Board by insisting on advancing critical social issues. MK is President of MK Advisors and Former VP of ZeroBase Energy, leading multiple entrepreneurial endeavors in sub-Saharan Africa, and working to solve critical issues facing remote communities in the Pacific, Caribbean, and Latin America.

MK began her career in humanitarian aid, working frequently in the developing world. For the past decade, MK led the development of advanced energy solutions that meet the mission of U.S. military, security and peacekeeping forces that are operating beyond secure supply lines. By opening up new markets with creative capital, this work quickly led to border security in support of national security interests; economic development efforts through small business models at the last kilometer; and in developing regions and markets.

MK believes that if Detroit could put a car in every driveway, we could also provide power as an economic enabler in every region of the world. This inspired her to lead a diverse team from a small prototype shop in Ferndale, Michigan.

Chairwoman Michelle “MK” Merrigan has been recognized as a 2022 International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge (IWEC) awardee who will be recognized at this year’s 2022 IWEC Foundation Conference in Madrid Spain.

“The center of my world revolves around doing good things, with good people, in good places.” – MK