Exclusive Roundtable Discussion at Island Finance Forum Hosted by Mana Pacific & Island Innovation

The Island Finance Forum is an annual event which gathers regulators, financiers, and senior policymakers to offer novel solutions for sustainability, economic recovery, and growth by addressing the financial challenges that particularly impact island communities. The Forum is taking place virtually this 14-15 April 2021.

A similar event hosted by Island Innovation, the Virtual Island Summit, occurs annually in September and attracts over 10,000 attendees.

This year Mana Pacific has partnered with Island Innovation to sponsor an exclusive roundtable event where a range of stakeholders of different backgrounds will be brought together and engaged to share insights and discuss the challenges they experience developing and maintaining energy resilience throughout the Pacific.

With moderators guiding the discussion participants will co-create tangible and actionable solutions that address the Pacific’s resilience needs. Furthermore, this event is an opportunity to catalyze further productive collaboration and relationships between attendees.

The exclusive nature of the event ensures a worthwhile networking and learning environment for all who participate. Mana Pacific’s Founder and President, John Miller, states “This event will be the ideal space to facilitate conversations and innovative solutions on how to transition Pacific islands to a sustainable and resilient energy future.” The event will be hosted using Island Innovation’s cutting-edge web-based application, Remo, which will engage participants in an interactive and collaborative manner.

Image shows: Remo, a Web-Based Software application that provides an immersive virtual conference experience

This February 2021, Mana Pacific concluded its first of four preliminary focus group discussions/working sessions as a build up to the grander Pacific Roundtable. The first brought Pacific Power Association utilities, manufacturing companies, and other stakeholders together to express challenges related to procurement, supply chain logistics, and systems standards. Keynote remarks were provided by Mr. Tom Tansy, Chairman of the Sunspec Alliance. Participant feedback from these focus groups will be distilled into critical questions and topics to explore at the Pacific Roundtable event.

Image shows: Focus Group on Cost of Equipment, hosted with Remo

More about the host, Mana Pacific is an impact-first Social Enterprise (Benefit Corp.) doing renewable energy project development and enhances islands’ resiliency goals, climate change initiatives, and local economic development. Mana Pacific aims to accelerate the development of renewable energy resources in the Pacific islands using a trans-Pacific partnership approach. In doing so, the traditional development cycle is streamlined, opportunities for economies of scale arise, and risk is mitigated.


Bringing renewable, reliable, and resilient power to the Pacific is a monumental challenge. Mana Pacific is hosting this roundtable with the intention to first understand the long road ahead from all perspectives. The Roundtable event will be a significant opportunity for participants to both contribute their specialized expertise and absorb that of others. For more information about the Roundtable visit: islandinnovation.co/finance-forum-2021/