Mana Pacific Development Team Members, Sierra Jackovics and Bryce Barbier, Complete ASU LEAPS Microgrid Boot Camp

As Earth Week comes to an end, Mana Pacific is highlighting two of their development team members, Sierra Jackovics and Bryce Barbier, for attending and completing the ASU Laboratory for Energy And Power Solutions (LEAPS) Microgrid Boot Camp earlier this month. 

Hosted at Arizona State University’s Polytechnic campus through the Ira. A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, the Boot Camp consists of a week-long, hands-on training session at the ASU LEAPS Grid Modernization and Microgrid Test Bed.

Content included an overview of microgrid systems in various scenarios, load profile generation, microgrid system sizing and feasibility analyses through XENDEE and other software platforms, hands-on microgrid operation and control, the electrical design of distribution networks, and troubleshooting microgrid systems safely and effectively in the field.

Mana Pacific thanks the ASU LEAPS team for continually hosting and expertly conducting their Microgrid Boot Camp, as well as for furthering their partnership and shared renewable energy development efforts in the Pacific. 

Sierra Jackovics arranging and connecting the microgrid solar PV panels in a series
Bryce Barbier testing various amperage, voltage, and power output scenarios for solar PV panels
Configuring a microgrid with grid-connected solar PV and battery energy storage systems (BESS)
Emulating grid scenarios and utilizing controls on a utility-connection and 100% islanded capability microgrid

Due to Mana Pacific’s ongoing development of solar mini-grids in the outer islands of Fiji, this Boot Camp directly relates to the company’s development work on the ground. In addition, it strengthens the technical expertise and hands-on applications of their development team members that reside outside of the engineering team. Mana Pacific believes that having a capable, well-rounded development staff where all members are experienced technically and up-to-date with industry gold-standard training is essential to supporting and building projects that are successful in the long-run and properly facilitate the renewable energy transition in the Pacific.  

Bryce Barbier (right) and Sierra Jackovics (left) together at the ASU Tempe Campus Plant
Microgrid Boot Camp cohort touring the ASU Tempe Campus Plant, which provides A/C for the campus (pictured: Bryce Barbier)