Mana Pacific Presents with Guam Power Authority at the 2024 Guam Clean Energy Transition Conference

This week, Mana Pacific traveled to Guam for the 2024 Guam Clean Energy Transition Conference, organized by the Guam Power Authority (GPA). This conference invites stakeholders involved in Guam’s clean energy transition to discuss strategies for accelerating Guam towards 100% renewable energy by 2040. A key focus of this year’s conference was the role of energy storage solutions in mitigating the intermittency of renewable energy sources. Mana Pacific’s Chief Engineer and Battery Storage Expert, Logan Weber, was personally invited by John Cruz, Assistant General Manager at Guam Power Authority, to present storage solutions and renewable technologies for a resilient grid, as well as integration pathways for island systems.

With his background in deploying battery storage solutions across the globe, Logan shared his expertise on navigating the complexities of transitioning to renewable energy while ensuring grid stability for Guam. He outlined the challenges faced by island grids, such as the high cost of fossil fuel generation, grid instability, increased frequency of natural disasters, and the intermittency of renewable energy sources.

Logan proposed solutions to address these challenges by delving into renewable technologies tailored for building a resilient grid, including infrastructure resiliency plans and grid stability measures. He emphasized the importance of utilizing fast-acting, short-duration energy storage systems to stabilize the grid during regular disruptions, such as cloud cover or nighttime dips in solar production. 

Logan Weber presenting at the 2024 Guam Clean Energy Transition Conference

In addition to the technical insights provided by Chief Engineer Logan Weber, Mana Pacific’s CEO, Joe Reed, presented on a panel with GPA’s John Cruz and two of our technology partners, PXiSE Energy Solutions and their CEO Tim Allen, and Enerzinx, represented by their CEO Anupam Gopal.

Joe delivered a strategic and forward-thinking presentation from the project developer’s perspective on the transition to renewable energy in Guam. Drawing upon his extensive experience in the industry, Joe provided insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with transitioning to renewable energy. He addressed the complexities of developing renewable energy projects in remote island communities like Guam, emphasizing the importance of creative financing solutions to attract private sector capital and accelerate the renewable energy transition. Joe also touched upon the economic benefits of renewable energy development, highlighting the potential for job creation, economic growth, and energy independence. 

Joe Reed (right) on stage presenting with John Cruz (left)
Joe Reed presenting on stage with John Cruz (far left), Enerxinx CEO Anupam Gopal (right), and PXiSE CEO Tim Allen (far right)

Ultimately, there is a need for enhanced public-private partnerships and increased encouragement for the private sector to apply their innovations and resources to the renewable energy transitions of remote island communities. As a developer of renewable energy projects in the Pacific, Mana Pacific partners with companies like Enerzinx and PXiSE to provide power system modeling and grid resilience and performance solutions that advance the long-term success of renewable energy projects entering the grid. 

Mana Pacific’s participation in the 2024 Guam Clean Energy Transition Conference showcases its commitment to supporting Guam’s renewable energy goals and driving sustainable development in the Pacific. We appreciate and thank Guam Power Authority for extending this opportunity, and are grateful to contribute to the discourse on Guam’s renewable energy transition.