Capacity Building and Workforce Development with Danielle Irwin, President of the Makaha Learning Center

Mana Pacific’s Business Development Director, Samantha Frick, interviews Danielle “Duckie” Irwin, President of the Makaha Learning Center (MLC). In the interview they discuss:

  • A scalable model for workforce development and capacity building for sustainable and resilient island communities
  • How the MLC is supporting the Island of Molokai with their Community Solar training objectives
  • The importance of culturally-aligned development practices and local economic growth
  • How to create lasting resilient communities

The Makaha Learning Center is a native non-profit established 10 years ago in Makaha Valley on Oahu, Hawaii, US. The Makaha Cultural Learning Center’s primary mission is to create opportunities for Native Hawaiians and the people of the Waianae Coast through leadership, trades-training and outreach programs. Makaha Learning Center works within the Hawaiian cultural framework and offers an Aloha Construction Foundations program and a Solar PV installation training for certification with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners.

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Also mentioned in this interview is the HOʻĀHU Energy Cooperative. For more information about the Molokai community energy cooperative visit: